Bakugan Battle Tour

What a day!  We went up to the King of Prussia mall (about 40 minutes from here) for the Bakugan Battle Tour!  What a trip!  All in all it was about a two and a half hour experience!  We waited in line for about an hour – there were tons of kids.  Doing the math, they were running about 40 kids through every fifteen minutes, and it was packed the whole afternoon.  That’s a lot of kids.  Micah, Caleb and Noah brought all their Bakugan toys, backpacks, etc., and headed on through.  The first stop was the training area where they learned all the official rules and how-to’s of the game from a Battle Master ranked 7th in the world (Bakugan has rankings?  World rankings???).  Next stop was the practice arena, an area where kids could play on the tables and battle fields with Bakugans and cards provided by the Battle Tour.  After that they moved on to the next battle arena where kids could use their own Bakugans and cards.  In that arena there was a Battle Master who claimed to ranked third in the world; he was giving kids advice, pointers, and teaching them how to use traps (a new addition to the Bakugan universe).  Micah and Caleb had their wrist shooters strapped on and were ready to go.  It was a pretty sweet setup.  After that they got their pictures taken and put on their id cards, and finally they were given pins and posters.

Did I mention that the total cost for all this was free?  Absolutely, completely free.  They weren’t selling anything – not even toys!  I had assumed I’d be hit up at some point, and was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong!  Not only that, they were giving away all sorts of stuff; dvds, cards, gear.  It was a lot of fun for the kids!

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