Sunday report (October 18th)

Next Sunday is our (hopefully) last Sunday in Pilot School!  Then back to the gym!  Sweet!  One important detail, with the move into our new sanctuary our service times will be slightly changing.  Student ministry will be using the 9:45am hour for our Student Quest time in the gym.  Here’s the new arrangement:

  • 8:30am, Contemporary worship service
  • 9:45am, Contemporary worship service (note starting time is 15 minutes sooner than our current arrangement)
  • 11:15am, Traditional worship service

This week the senior high was on week two of a three week series on Doubt from Simply Youth Ministry. I was teaching on the topic of WHY we doubt.  We looked at three stories from the Bible (Genesis 18:9-15, John 20:25, and Daniel 10:1-14) and the causes behind the doubt in those stories (seemed impossible, lacked evidence, prayers were ‘unanswered’).  One of the points was that as we experience doubt it’s important to stop and see where the doubt is coming from.  Why are we uncertain?  What is causing it?  As we identify the source or cause of our doubt, the response to it becomes more attainable.  Here are some follow up questions from the lesson that parents can use with their kids during the week:

  • What are different ways doubt can enter our lives?
  • Have you discovered the answers to your faith questions by looking at the facts in a different way? If so, what had you missed seeing before?
  • How can you use the cause of your doubts to strengthen your faith?
  • Why is it important to know that nothing is impossible for God? How will that knowledge change what you believe?

Chris Z led the middle school class on the topic of ‘Identity in Christ.’  He spoke on finding our identity in Christ, how that starts with our hearts (Romans 10:8-10), it involves our minds (Ephesians 4:20-24), involves our bodies (Romans 12:1-3), and reveals itself in our actions (Colossians 3:5-14).  Here are some follow up questions from that for parents to use with their kids this week:

  • What does ‘identity in Christ’ mean to you?
  • Which area do you think is the easiest for you to have your identity in Christ; your heart, mind, body or actions?  Why?
  • Which is the most difficult?  Why?
  • What is something you can do for your heart this week to help it be more like Christ’s heart?

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