Biggest Loser spin-off show coming

Wow, looks like NBC is adding to the franchise!  How in the world will Jillian have time to film multiple seasons of Biggest Loser and this new show every year?  What do you all think?

Michaels to host ‘Loser’ companion

NBC orders eight episodes of ‘Losing It’

NBC is looking to extend its “Loser” streak, picking up a new skein starring “The Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels.

“Losing It With Jillian” will follow the host as she moves in with families to help change their diet and exercise habits. Reveille and Empowered Media are producing. NBC has ordered eight segs of the series.

“I hear all the time from people about ‘Oh, it’d be so easy to do if I was on the ranch, if I had a personal gym,’ ” Michaels said of “The Biggest Loser’s” weight-loss success stories. “I got sick of hearing it. So we’re telling people, we’ll come to you and teach you how to be healthy.”

The project won’t just be about weight loss, however, as Michaels — who will indeed bunk inside a different family’s home each week — sets out to coach participants in all aspects of their lives.

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