Weigh in day!

tending the temple challenge

Don’t forget, today is weigh  in day!  If you’re participating in the challenge, get your weights to me today (McNuttBlog@gmail.com)!

Question for the day …

Anyone have the Biggest Loser game for the Nintendo Wii or the DS?  I’d love to hear what you think of them!  I keep finding myself wanting a Wii Fit board or a DS so I can try them out …

6 thoughts on “Weigh in day!

  1. I'm not even sending in my weight this week. It didn't change anyway. I am so busy lately with my daughter's dr. appointments (she is having terrible stomach problems) I can't keep count of my calories and I have no time to work-out unless I jog down the halls in hospitals while she is going through testing. I really don't think they want me doing that. Although I have kinda jogged when I was almost late due to a lack of parking spaces. 🙂 I am still here….just not losing right this minute.


  2. Sorry, can't provide any insight re: the games. I've not seen or played either of them. Looking forward to other's responses.

    Tara Z.


  3. Leisia I am sorry to hear about you daughter.. I hope and pray she get better soon. My kids,college ages kids, love the Wii fit, we are saving for one hear…this week I did not loose much, but with the big yard and barn clean up I can fit into 4 pairs of jeans I have not fit into in over a year!! So I think I may have built some muscle up..with all the heavy lifting that I have been doing everyday . Sure of it . When I started working on all these projects I moved 1 concrete cender block about ten feet, and by yesterday we were tring to hurry to finish up, I grabbed 2 cender blocks and moved about 25 feet and it did not even bother me.


  4. Lina B. WOW!!!!2.14% good for you!! And no little feat, good going Tara Z. and Joshua J…… My weight loss was not good this week, but I had something great happen, I went to my sons chior perfomance at his school tonight….I was running late, so as soon as I got into the auditorium, I sat right down… A few minutes later I realized I had sat down without any fuss, no wiggling to sit, slouching in the seat to make my hips fit in the seat. I just sat down….I have been going to that auditorium for years…it felt great!! So to me I had a great week..

    Leisia hows your daughter?


  5. She is doing okay, we will find out what they are going to do Monday. She isn't hurting quite as bad today. No my Dad is in the hospital (he has cancer) and I have been staying with him thru the day. That is okay though because as I was leaving the hospital today I just happened to notice a sign hanging up about a 5k to fight cancer. It is official….I have decided that it is going to be my very first 5k. I was waiting for the right time and I believe I seen that sign for a reason. I will bedoing my first 5k on Nov. 15th. I am so excited!!!! 🙂


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