Get my new book for 85% off!!!

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 This weekend Simply Youth Ministry is doing a massive sale on their digital books … including MINE! If you act fast you can get it for less than two bucks. That’s crazy. It’s a youth ministry book, but honestly, I wrote it for everyone with some specific illustrations that relate to ministry workers. Here’s the description the marketing people came up with for my labor of love …

When it comes to your health, God wants you to be selfish.

Crazy idea, right? But it’s totally true.

Far too many of us in church ministry choose to sacrifice our personal health because we’re deeply dedicated to our family, our ministry, or other people’s needs. But if we don’t make our health a priority, no one else will.

Veteran youth pastor Matthew McNutt knows what it’s like to be “too busy” for a healthy lifestyle—but he also knows the rewards of changing course and practicing this good kind of selfishness. A former contestant on The Biggest Loser, he’s ready to help you discover some powerful lessons about spiritual and physical health—and what it all means for those of us called to student ministry.

Scripture speaks of our bodies as the holy and sacred dwelling place of God—the temple of the Holy Spirit. That’s why a healthy you honors God. Plus, a healthy you benefits your family and close friends. And a healthy you guides teenagers toward a God-honoring perspective on food and exercise.

Your ministry will survive if you give time to yourself—in fact, over time it’ll be stronger because of it. And you will have modeled something powerful to the people you’re leading.

You can buy it here – but act fast, the price goes back up after the weekend!


Thoughts on writing

I love to write. I’ve written dozens of articles, had a column, contributed to two books, and blogged somewhat regularly for years. Even as child I would compose stories. As a teenager I kept a journal and was known for my short stories. In college I wrote scripts that were always well received. I am a writer.

My lifelong dream? To have a book of my own.

Which is probably why I always put it off. Dreams are sometimes easier unachieved. Not because it’s enjoyable, but because it’s safe. Without risking, the safety of never knowing failure is there.

Which explains why it has been somewhat challenging to finally start penning my first book. Is it inaccurate to say penning? Technically there are no pens involved … gotta love the digital age.

Either way, it’s finally starting to flow. I spent a couple days psyching myself out, having writer’s block before I even started. Which is amusing because it’s based on material I’ve already written, just finally being collected, rewritten, and connected in a way I’ve intended to do for a long time.

Anyway, I’m excited about it and looking forward to sharing it with everyone in the months to come. The goal is to have the manuscript completed in the next few weeks in time for a spring release.

The Spirituality of Physical Health

I was excited to see today that my latest article is the featured article on the Youth Specialties website!  It’s something I wrote for their April article series on taking care of ourselves.  Anyway, here’s the first part, follow the link at the end to get the rest and let me know what you think!

The Spirituality of Physical Health

by Matthew McNutt

It’s strange to me to realize that one of the most intensely spiritual times of my life was the eight months I was competing for the big prize on season three of NBC’s the Biggest Loser. Honestly, I went into the experience with no connection in my mind between the spiritual and the physical. I thought taking care of myself as a pastor meant regular time in the Word, quiet times, keeping my spiritual walk on track, but I came out of those months with an entirely different outlook.

It turned out I had an inner Gnostic hiding in my belief system. Not quite in the same way as those the Apostle Paul railed against, but still, there was a definite separation of the spiritual and physical in my mind. I put my priority on the soul, that eternal part of me, and ignored the value of the physical, temporal side of my being. But I think the truth is something far different; that God has designed us to be healthy spiritually AND physically, and we experience a fullness with Him when those two are in alignment that just doesn’t compare to anything else.

Read the rest of the article here.

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He said what?!



I have a column in The Journal of Student Ministries, a professional journal for youth workers.  The column is called ‘Tending the Temple,’ and you can find the rest of my articles here.  I just realized I hadn’t posted my most recent column yet, so here it is!  Basically, it’s an article written mostly to male youth workers with thoughts on how our words and actions can be damaging to student’s self image; in particular how we relate to female students.  I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous writing it because I certainly wouldn’t claim to be the expert, so it’s mostly based on my experiences, observations and what I’ve learned from female youth workers.  Click the link, give it a read and let me know you think!


He Said What?! – Journal of Student Ministries, Winter, 2009

Tending the Temple challenge WINNER!

tending the temple challenge

Where did the twelve weeks go???  The challenge is a wrap and we have a winner!  I have to confess – I’m amazed at the results of our top three – I wish I had prizes for everyone!  In third place, with an impressive 12.96% weight loss is Mary C!  In second place, with an amazing 13.26% loss is Tara Z!  And finally, drum roll please, with an incredible 13.66% loss, our winner is Joshua J!!!  I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen the top three this close to each other!!!  What’s even more amazing, between the three of them alone they lost a combined 104.4 pounds in just twelve weeks!  The best prize of all!

Joshua is the proud winner of the following prize package!  Just send me your contact info so I can get it out to you!

prize package

Our big prize is the Cheryl Forberg’s book, ‘Positively Ageless’!  She’s the official nutritionist for NBC’s Biggest Loser – she plays a huge part in the weight loss of all the contestants, from every season!  She donated an autographed copy of the book (a $21.95 value) to our winner!  Also by Cheryl Forberg, we have the ‘Biggest Loser Complete Calorie Counter’ ($7.95).  Rounding out our weight loss themed prizes, we also have a copy of my book, ‘Destination Transformation’ ($14.95).  We also have some youth ministry related prizes!  ‘The Youth Worker Book of Hope,’ a book I helped write ($12.99), ‘Youth Ministry Training on the Go’ ($29.99), ‘Emergency Response Handbook for Youth Ministry’ ($14.99), Race This volume 2 ($39.00), and ‘Power Play volume 5′ ($18.99)!  The total value is just over $160!

FINAL weigh in!

tending the temple challenge

This is it!  Our final weigh in!  Send in your final weights by tomorrow night so I can post the winner on Wednesday!  Even if you don’t think you’re a contender, still send in the weights!  I love seeing how much everyone lost over the challenge!  Here’s a recap of the final weigh in instructions:

The finish date and final weigh in is Tuesday, December 15th.  I’ll need everything by that night so we can announce the winner on Wednesday, December 16th!  The final weigh in needs to happen on the same scale as the starting weight, and the image below needs to be printed off and included in that photo (that way I know the picture was taken within the competition time frame!).  If you want to send an ‘after’ photo as well of yourself, that would be great!  Send them to  Good luck!

challenge kickoffb

Weigh in day!

tending the temple challenge

Don’t forget, today is weigh  in day!  If you’re participating in the challenge, get your weights to me today (!  Next week is the final weigh in … can you believe it!

On a different note … who do you think is going to win tonight?  I’m looking forward to seeing how Sean Algier did – gotta cheer on my fellow youth pastors!