Challenge week 10 results and final weigh in details

tending the temple challenge

Week ten is a wrap! We’ve only got a couple weeks left until our final weigh in and the winner!  Sweet!

Our Biggest Loser for the week, with an amazing 1.84% loss, is Joshua J!  Definitely an impressive result!  A close second place, with a 1.67% is Tara Z!  You guys rocked it!

The finish date and final weigh in is Tuesday, December 15th.  I’ll need everything by that night so we can announce the winner on Wednesday, December 16th!  The final weigh in needs to happen on the same scale as the starting weight, and the image below needs to be printed off and included in that photo (that way I know the picture was taken within the competition time frame!).  If you want to send an ‘after’ photo as well of yourself, that would be great!  Send them to  Good luck!

challenge kickoffb

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