SYM’s ‘I am a loser’ contest – UPDATED!

Check it out; Simply Youth Ministry is putting on a weight loss contest starting THIS Friday! You don’t have to be a youth pastor to enter; they want EVERYONE competing! Watch the video for all the details!


Here are the rules, from Josh Griffin’s blog:

  1. Weigh-in on Friday, December 4, 2009 (if you’re not going to the SYM Conference, you can weigh in anywhere from December 4-7)
  2. Send photo of scale weight and “before” photo
  3. Contest will be 12 weeks, ending on Friday February 26th (first night of Simply Youth Ministry Conference for those attending. Contest ends 12 weeks after weigh-in
  4. The winners will be the ones with the greatest percentage of weight lost.
  5. Prizes to be announced soon to those who enter contest.
  6. Weight loss coaching available from Matthew McNutt (current youth pastor and former Biggest Loser contestant who lost 170+ pounds—see
  7. Send photos to

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