Quiet on the blogging front

I feel like I haven’t been blogging nearly enough lately … which is weird since it’s actually something I really enjoy doing!  This week it’s been really driving me nuts – I’ve been sick off and on most of the week, and for the last few days I haven’t even had much of a voice so I’m quiet on the talking front as well.  Sheesh.

This flu season has been a nightmare for our household.  It seems like every week one or two of us is sick with something.  This week it has been Zachary and me (the youngest and the oldest!), the other week it was Heather, and on and on.  A month or so ago Micah and possibly Caleb and Zachary had H1N1.  It’s weird to me – we hear numbers of how many people in the country have had the swine flu, but I doubt they’re accurate because people don’t bother going in, and when they do doctors seem reluctant to diagnose it!  We had to really push to get the doctor to admit that Micah had it – that’s weird to me.

Anyway, enough of me whining about family illnesses!  I need another cough drop …

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