Farewell vacation!

Oh well, it’s finally wrapping up.  Tomorrow the boys head back to school, I went back to work this week, and the house is becoming a quieter place!  I had actually ended up with a lot of my vacation time left for the year this December (it disappears if I don’t use it), which meant I pretty much got the boys’ winter break off!  It was fun!  What a weird break, though … one day we get 18 inches of snow, a few days later it rains and it’s all gone.  Wind storms, warm weather, freezing weather – it’s like it can’t make up its mind!  I did enjoy the down time; I got to catch up on movies, tv shows, and a couple books.  I also made up for some serious gamer time on my XBox and Wii – that’s how I really unwind!

Now that I’m back in the office, it’s a whirlwind of activities coming up!  Our January mission trip, two different winter retreats in February, and then kicking it into high gear for our three summer mission trips!  Where did all the time go???

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