Sunday report (January 3rd)

Wow, Student Quest (our Sunday morning student ministry program) was AMAZING yesterday.  And by a happy coincidence, it was one of our best attended ones in a while which was great because so many got to experience it!  Because it was the first Sunday of the year, we had a communion service (one of the student ministry traditions here).  We have what we call the Joshua Team, a team of students who are leaders and take a lot of ownership in planning and implementing different events.  Their ages range anywhere from 8th grade to seniors in high school, so it’s a pretty diverse group.  What was so cool for me was that while I helped behind the scenes, the service itself was 99% them, which is what made it so awesome.  Here’s what it looked like:

  • Students entered the gym quietly.  We had it set up with the chairs facing a different wall than normal, in a semi circle, with a cross as the front centerpiece surrounded by candles.  No other lights were on, so it was a much different feel than normal.
  • Kelsie F and Darby led the worship team and kicked us off with several reflective, acoustic worship songs.
  • Samantha gave a message on giving 2010 to God, encouraging us to live a life that is a sweet sound to God.  It was really, really good.
  • Worship teens led us in a couple more worship songs.
  • Tim R gave a great message on the significance of the bread as the broken body of Christ and what that represents.  He spoke of the physical cost of what we have received.  He then invited students to a time of prayer, during which they were invited to write prayers to God on post-it notes that they then covered the cross with.  They then received the bread from Jim Bob, and took their seats.
  • Jim Bob led us as we all ate together, symbolizing our unity, and then Tim R transitioned us with prayer.
  • Nick gave the third message of the morning and he really brought it home, speaking of the life that we receive through Christ’s blood.  He spoke on the seriousness of communion, the beauty of it, the cost of it, and how much we have to be thankful for because of it.  He did an amazing job!  He then invited students to a time of prayer, during which they could light candles in front of the cross as visual symbols of our gratitude.
  • After receiving cups of juice (some of the kids were hoping for a literal reenactment of the scriptures with wine, but I chose to not lose my job this week), Jim Bob led the group with a few thoughts on communion and then we all drank together.  Nick then transitioned us with prayer.
  • The worship team led us in a worship song and then Kelsie F closed us in prayer, wrapping up the hour long worship/communion service.

While that’s kind of a snapshot of what happened, it’s hard to describe just how moving and beautiful the service was.  I have received more positive feedback for this event than any other from adults who were moved by what happened and blown away by the words of these high school students.  It was a beautiful thing to be a part of!  And it was such a thrill to see kids flocking to the cross with their post-note prayers, praying together and individually as they lit candles, flocking the communion table … and keeping the hour such a focused, reverent and worshipful atmosphere!  Definitely one of my favorite youth ministry moments here at Brandywine Valley Baptist Church!

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