[Doug’s] Dumb Idea Contest

When it comes to contests, it doesn’t get much easier than this … and the prizes are pretty sweet!  The Simply Youth Ministry crew has put together an incredible prize package with and it only takes a moment to enter!  All you have to do is visit the contest page and fill out the form. Check it out!  Here’s what you could win:

First prize: ($5,139 value!!!)

  • 15 Week of Hope Registrations – $3,500
  • 3 SYMC Registrations – $1,140
  • LIVE Curriculum – $499

Second prize: ($2,780 value!!)

  • 10 Week of Hope Registrations – $2,300
  • 1 SYMC Registration – $380
  • $100 on SimplyYouthMinistry.com

Third prize: ($1,300 value!)

  • 5 Week of Hope Registrations – $1,200
  • $100 on SimplyYouthMinistry.com

Click HERE to enter.

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