Biggest Loser has a Star Trek connection!

Okay, the nerd and trekker in me flipped when I saw this over on the Slice of Sci-fi blog today.  It’s a casting memo that was never supposed to get out listing the actors and actresses being considered for the various roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Check out the one and only actor being considered for the role of Wesley Crusher … it’s J.D. Roth, the executive producer of Biggest Loser!  If I had known that back when I was having conversations with him and hearing pep talks from him … I probably would have been a mess!  : )

I’ve already mentioned before that the nutritionist for Biggest Loser used to be the personal chef for George Lucas (yup, she’s cooked for George Lucas and me!).  Who would have guessed there would be multiple connections to my favorite universes on The Biggest Loser?

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