Noah’s updates

Well, it’s been four days since Noah’s surgery.  The operation itself went as hoped with no complications.  His eyelid is definitely in a better position than it was.  However, I honestly don’t remember him being so miserable when he had it done at 12 months old.  The poor kid spend the first couple days basically camped on the couch with both eyes closed (the eye operated on was all swollen from the four places they went in and stitched up), begging for more Tylenol and hugging a Lego book my mom sent him.  The last couple days he’s been doing better as long as he’s on painkillers.  He’s playing again, checking stuff out, and as the swelling is going down we can see that his eye lid is in a much better position.  Hopefully this time it lasts longer than just three years (we had been hoping he would be closer to eight years old before he would need it).

Anyway, thanks for all the prayers and support!

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