Favorite Apps

I love my iPod Touch.  With a passion that knows no bounds (although, lately I’ve been pretty distracted by the new version coming out that has cameras …).  I snapped a picture of my first screen – only the best of the best go there!  These are my favorite apps, the ones I use the most often so I keep them front and center!

Some of them are ‘no duh’ apps; Facebook, Twitter, Weather, Calendar, and Settings are apps I use too often to not have there.

The Kindle app and Stanza are my book reading apps.  I love Kindle because it’s the platform for purchasing electronic books – if I buy a book I get it through Kindle.  I use Stanza because I can import documents and non-Kindle books on to it.  I’ve actually gotten to the point where I read on my iPod through these two programs more than physical books!

The Bible.  I love this app; it’s the You Version Bible app with access to a ton of different translations.  I love it because it’s free and it has several of my favorite translations (NLT, The Message).

For whatever reason, I just like the way the ABC news app works; I’ve tried some other ones and this is the one I always go back to.

Blastr is a science fiction blog I like to follow with all the latest movie, tv, book and gaming news.

The WordPress app is more limited than I would prefer; about the only thing I use it for is comment moderation.  My blog has accumulated about 25,000 comments over the last couple years and every once and a while comments are flagged for moderation (usually for no apparent reason).  This app lets me quickly and easily approve them.

Yup, I’m still a comic book nerd.  The Marvel and DC apps are both comic book readers.  I don’t actually purchase comics through them, but every week they put a few on there for free and I download ’em!  Satisfies my inner comic geek!

The Netflix app ROCKS.  It just came out … and I love it!  All of the streaming videos (tens of thousands!) available on Netflix can be viewed through the app for free if you already have a Netflix account!  Very, very cool!  Memory limits no longer mean I can’t have a ton of video options on my iPod!

And last, but not least, my gaming slot.  This spot gets reserved for whatever game it is that I’m playing the most at the moment, which for right now is Risk.  It’s a relatively new app, a version of the board game I’ve played since I was a teenager.  I love it!

What are your favorite apps?  What should I try next?

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