Sunday report (September 5th)

Whoa … this is overdue – in my defense, though, I totally forgot about it!  But enough excuses … here’s what we did during our Sunday morning Student Quest time.  We’re using one of the series from the Live Curriculum from Simply Youth Ministry called ‘A Well Rounded Faith.’

This week we started a new series on the five biblical purposes for our lives: reaching (evangelism), connecting (fellowship), growing (discipleship), discovering (service), and honoring (worship). We’re using Paul as our example, unearthing all the ways his own life and ministry reflected these purposes.  These purposes are specifically tied to our student ministry purpose state, ‘we are a real people in love with a real God, making a real difference in the world.’  This week’s lesson on evangelism specifically explains part of how we make a real difference in the world (the other part to that is service).

We started by looking at Paul’s life and how he proclaimed the good news about Jesus wherever he went—regardless of the trials he faced. In Colossians 1:24-29, Paul says that he rejoiced in his suffering, knowing that his suffering led to other people learning about Christ. The passage describes the purpose and the power of reaching out to others so that they may know the mystery of Christ.

We used this passage to acknowledge the fear that many teenagers face when it comes to sharing their faith with peers. But we also must acknowledge the power that lives within each Christ-follower to overcome those fears.

When the opportunity presents itself this week, perhaps in the car or at the table, I’d encourage you to talk with your teenager about this week’s lesson. Here are some questions you might use during your conversation:

  • If pain and suffering was the cost you had to pay to reach out to people who don’t know Jesus, what would motivate you to do it anyway?
  • Does God call Christians to focus more on people’s spiritual needs or physical needs? Explain. How are spiritual needs and physical needs tied together?
  • Paul endured many difficult experiences—why do some Christ-followers experience such a hard road, while others don’t seem to?

You might also ask about any fears your student faces when talking with friends about Jesus. Talk about ways you can support your teenager in the journey to make Christ known. Have a blessed week!

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