Week 5 update: Another Holiday

Another week down – this puts me a fifth of the way towards my deadline in May for heading out to California to see Dr. Huizenga at the season three cast reunion for Biggest Loser.  Typing that just made me tense up a little bit!  Granted, I’m about a third of the way towards my weight loss goal in a fifth of the time, which is good … but I know the first pounds are the easiest to lose so the battle rages on!

According to Lose It, I was 992 calories under budget for the week – but not really.  I recorded three hours worth of exercise over the course of the week which translated to 1263 calories being taken off my total eaten by the Lose It app.  That’s my one complaint about Lose It; otherwise I really love the app.  So really, I ate 271 calories over what I had budgeted for the week, mostly because of New Year’s Eve.  Yikes!  That’s two weeks in a row over budget, which I’m not happy about.

On the positive side, I did record three hours worth of exercise over the course of three days, so I’m finally adding that last element to the weight loss mix.  Definitely critical as I pursue my goal of losing 20-25% of my starting weight.

I also lost another 1.36% of my starting weight this week, which was good – especially given the holidays.  That brings my total weight loss to date to 7.89%.  Now that the easy pounds are gone, though, I’m really going to have to keep making exercise a priority!

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