Jumper: Griffin’s Story

I finally got around to reading Stephen Gould’s ‘Jumper: Griffin’s Story,’ the third book in his Jumper series.  Basically, I watched the movie, ‘Jumper,’ and wasn’t impressed – but when I realized it was based on a book by the same name I read it and LOVED it.  I read the sequel, ‘Reflex,’ and loved it as well (read my review here) but never really rushed to read the third book since it was tied to the movie.

Basically, the movie diverged from the premise of the first two books significantly, and in ways that really hurt the story.  ‘Jumper: Griffin’s Story’ is a prequel to the movie, not a part three to the other two books, so it really has to be approached has having no connection to the other novels.

What was surprising is how well Gould took what seemed like poorly developed ideas and bad story in the movie and made a riveting and intense story starring a secondary character to the film, Griffin!  I really, really enjoyed the book – so much so that I devoured it in two days.  It’s a tragic story and you end up feeling for the main character, but it’s all done so well – his exploration of his jumping abilities (a form of teleportation), the discovery of the Paladin’s and their merciless and deadly pursuit of ‘Jumpers’ and the build up to the movie.  It left me wanting more – there’s definitely more stories to tell in the Jumper universe!

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