Week 9 update

Well, week nine was a dud.  Granted, I lost 0.89%, which is something, and puts me back over a total weight loss of 9.09%.  But it’s pretty obvious from the chart above that I wasn’t recording my eating or really tracking with the process.  In all honesty, I was thinking about quitting.  I kind of gave up, was feeling depressed about the whole process – how could I have been on Biggest Loser and be back in this boat again, why can’t I stay focused, why do I keep cheating, stuff like that.  It was all very depressing.  Added to that was the stress of all the different programs going on; I’m in the middle of five weeks that have three different youth trips and a conference I helped plan.  I need a nap.

Anyway, I kind of had an epiphany on Sunday.  I flashed back to my Biggest Loser days and realized then that I kind of quit and gave up around the eight week mark and it took a solid couple weeks to get myself motivated again and my head back in the game.  When we embark on serious change, our body pushes back.  For some, it’s right away, for others it comes later.  I think what I’m realizing is that my breaking point when it comes to this kind of change and pursuit is right around that 7-9 week mark.  In realizing that, it was re-energizing to say the least.  Why?  Because I can look back and know that this isn’t a goal breaking thing, but a temporary funk.  Sometimes identifying the root cause is all it takes to break free from it – and I’ve definitely felt like I have a new resolve coming into this week.  I’m down to 16 weeks left in my goal timeline, which is still plenty of time to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

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