Week 11 update

I missed a week!  Last week I didn’t post an update because I was sick as a dog!  You can see from the graphic above that I wasn’t bothering to record what I was eating (I was eating), or doing much of anything.  I did end up losing 3.09% of my starting weight for the week, which is kind of cheating since I was sick – but it wasn’t because I was dehydrated (I’ve continued losing weight this week).  That brings my total weight loss for the last eleven weeks to 12.23%.  That puts me a little over half way towards my goal, and I’ve got fourteen weeks to do it.  That clock is ticking!

One thought on “Week 11 update

  1. Matthew,

    You are doing great!!! I know all about the 2 week flu bug myself, just finally getting near the end of it. Hey, a little secret. Saw your picture on the middle school retreat blog on Feb 9th of this year. You are looking terrific!!!

    Thank you for sharing all this time with us out here about what you got from The Biggest Loser as a contestant even though you were an at home one.

    I have ordered and received in Dr. Huizenga's book and I have gone over some of your past Biggest Loser Blogs, now I just have to get started.

    I enjoy your blogs about God, about your church and family as well as some of your experiences of being a youth pastor.

    Matthew, your giving nature is incredible and I thank you.



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