Life in the Nutthouse

Thought I’d post some random updates … you know, stuff that couldn’t handle a blog post of its own, but combined together … well, might still not be worth a post, but I’ll have fun!

  • Zach, our two and a half year old, is officially a turd.  He gets into everything, destroys my favorite stuff, is on a constant sugar high because it doesn’t matter where the candy is, he finds it and pounds it, and he knows enough words now to mouth off to me.  Not cool.
  • Movies like Megamind and Despicable Me are amazing the first five or six times.  In a week.  After that, however, they lose some of their awesomeness.  Don’t get me wrong, absolutely hilarious movies.  But I need a break.
  • I am pretty sure at least one or two McNutts have been sick every day for the last month and a half.  It has been a rough winter!
  • I spent the entire day working on details for next Tuesday’s Watoto Children’s Choir concert at our church and our summer mission trips.  My mind is drained, but I am INCREDIBLY excited about what’s happening with both of those ministry opportunities at our church.  God is doing some cool stuff.
  • In other Zach news, the kid is crazy smart.  He can totally rock the XBox 360 when it comes to games like Cars and that Sonic/Sega racing game.  Makes my nerd heart proud!
  • Noah got me in the doghouse the other day – Heather was at a MOPS thing the other night and I let the boys watch the Tim Burton ‘Alice in Wonderland’ movie.  All five of us thought it was awesome.  Unfortunately, the scene Noah decided to tell Heather about was the one where the mouse stabbed the eye out of the scary monster with her sword.  She was immediately displeased, so he tried to make it better by explaining that Alice gave the eyeball back and the scary monster put it back in its head and then made friends with Alice.  Micah and Caleb were both shaking their heads no with an expression of, ‘bad move, Noah, bad move.’
  • Micah and Caleb are totally into Narnia at the moment.  I just finished reading through the first book to all four boys, and now they’re all begging me to start book two.  They also want to see the movies, but I told them they have to wait until we finish the books because the books came first and they’re better!
  • I’m excited and nervous about the new Green Lantern movie.  I’m excited because Green Lantern is my all time favorite comic book hero.  I’m nervous because all the girls in our student ministry are pumped to see it because Ryan Reynolds is in it.  They could care less it’s based on a comic book, and that’s just not right.

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