Red Stuff small group curriculum

For the last few weeks our middle school students have been working their way through The Red Stuff, a five week DVD small group study by Scott Rubin.  Basically, each week takes a look at a different passage of ‘red stuff,’ the words of Jesus printed in red ink.  There’s a couple reasons why I love the series; part of it is a strategic thing.  This is the period of time where student ministry is crazy at our church, between winter retreats, launching mission trips and all the other stuff going on, our leaders are going all out and using a DVD series during this season of intensity makes life easier.

The other reason is that I just really love the resource!  It’s well made, designed perfectly for middle schoolers, with really relevant topics for them to be thinking about.  Each lesson comes with leader handouts to guide the discussion and follow up.  The videos themselves are only five to six minutes – perfect for the middle school attention span –  and a lot of fun to watch.  Scott Rubin is a great speaker, doing really well to hit the different points while at the same time keeping the rooms’ attention.  On top of that, his buddy Matt is always in the background doing something that slightly upstages him, but also connects to the point in a memorable way, making it fun for the kids to watch and helping to keep them focused!

All in all, it’s a great resource I highly recommend.  If you want to learn more about it, follow this link.  If you’re a parent at my church and want to use the series at home with your kids, drop me a message and we’ll hook you up!

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