Better Oats = Awesomeness

I wanted to share a new love in my life with all my bloggy friends.  Better Oats is AMAZING.  I’ve always been an oat meal fan, so I’ve tried just about every brand out there and this is my current fav for several key reasons.  First and foremost is flavor; it’s strong, you can feel the texture of the oats, and it tastes GOOOOOD.  On top of that, it’s a really healthy combo of ingredients, so for the health conscience it’s right up there with Kashi (for those wanting some inside info on Biggest Loser, on camera they recommended to us Quaker oat meal because it was a show sponsor, but when the cameras stopped the nutritionists told us to eat Kashi).  It’s also cheap, which is kind of surprising.  Compared to most oat meals that range $3.50-$4.50 for a box of 8-10 packets, it blows the competition away with its price of $1.50 for a box of five packets.  And for the last month ACME has been selling them for only $1 a box!!!  I have a closet full.  Reason #3 for my unbridled enthusiasm?  The ‘why didn’t some one think of this years ago’ award goes to Oat Fit with their package design!  The individual packets are designed to be the measuring cups for the water when you microwave the oat meal!  There’s a solid line showing where to fill the packet – no more searching for measuring cups!

Finally, I love the variety.  They have about fifteen or sixteen different flavors and styles ranging from the line of 100 calorie versions above that I’ve been favoring, their all natural varieties, and their kid friendly (but still healthy) flavors like Berry Blast (below) that my kids LOVE.  Definitely an all around win.

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