Biggest Loser Reunion!

Wow! I think I’m finally catching up from my whirlwind weekend.  Last Friday I flew out to LA for a Biggest Loser reunion blast; there were about a hundred former Biggest Loser contestants from different seasons out west for follow up appointments with Dr. Huizenga (the doctor behind the show and the hero to the cast) at his office, hikes, hanging out, and a massive party at Dr. H’s on Sunday night.

I literally hopped off the plane Friday afternoon in LA after leaving my house at 3:30am to make my early morning flight out of Philly and booked it to Griffith park where I met up with about twenty other former contestants and Dr. H for a hike to the Hollywood sign (about three to four miles each way!).  The picture above is a bunch of us at the top (Jerry and Estelle rock my world).  We spent a few hours hiking the six to eight miles total – it was so much fun catching up with everyone and meeting others in person for the first time.

Saturday was spent at Dr. H’s office going through a battery of tests, scans, treadmills, surveys and more.  It went by fast, though, because half the time I was shooting the breeze with whichever alumni were in the room!  Basically, all my down time that afternoon, night and the next day was spent hanging out with different old friends and getting to know new friends.  I literally was only spending two to four hours a night sleeping – the weekend was too short for sleep!

Sunday night was a massive party at Dr. H’s house – the man knows how to host!  There were at least a couple hundred people there, with lots of great performers, including a performance by country singer Dan Evans (BL alumni).  Our season three producers showed up which was so much fun (they’re working on the second season of MTV’s ‘I used to be fat’), they were a huge part of my experience and weight loss. Kim Lyons also came to the party – the only trainer to make it.  It was definitely cool to see her – she has always been my favorite of the trainers.  A lot of us have felt like she got a raw deal in the editing of the show.

All in all, the weekend was an amazing time of catching up with old friends, making new friends, and having another Hollywood experience!  It still blows my mind that I am a part of the Biggest Loser family!

And if you’re wondering about the photo below, that’s Ken Coleman from season three (my season), Samantha M (Dr. H’s assistant), and myself in the photo booth at Dr. Huizenga’s party.  They rock!

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