Life, chaos and irritating birds

Some random musings …

  • I’m hopping on a plane obscenely early tomorrow morning for a massive Biggest Loser contestants reunion party and check in happening in LA this weekend.  This is both exciting (seeing old friends) and terrifying (old friends seeing me heavier than they last saw me).
  • Life is chaotic right now.  There is transition in the church (staff changes), the three student missions trips are all leaving in the next three to four weeks, summer events need to be promoted, and I’m trying to work on a lot of structural tools for next year as well as finalize an annual events calendar.  Yup.  You read that right – I am moments away from having the next twelve months planned out.
  • We have a computer connected to our TV so I downloaded the (free) Angry Birds app for the Google Chrome browser, thinking it would eliminate my frustration with my kids hounding me for my iPod.  It has instead resulted in all four boys fighting over who gets to play, and Heather now having an Angry Birds addiction.  That plan SERIOUSLY backfired.
  • I baptized five teens this last Sunday.  It was pretty much epic in its awesomeness.  I loved hearing them share their faith stories to the church, and I loved seeing the faces of the people listening.
  • Whoever fills the baptismal tank keeps the water way too warm.  It was like a hot tub in there!

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