Weight loss tip: Panera Bread ROCKS

So, Panera Bread is my new favorite place to go eat. I’m in full on calorie counting mode, which is normally a HUGE challenge in 99% of restaurants out there. Some of the places that make it the easiest have the calorie counts listed for a handful of healthy/diet friendly dishes, but leave the rest a mystery. Other places you have to ask for the nutritional information and they hunt it out. It’s just a big hassle that a lot of people are too self conscience to do and end up just ordering a salad or grilled chicken.

Back to Panera Bread. Their entire menu board is set up like the photo to the right; with the dish, price, and calorie count for the two sizes in green. For every single dish and meal; sandwiches, soup, salads, breads, etc. It was awesome.

So, diet tip for the day: for a fast food alternative, and a great low cost dining option that is full of healthy options, Panera Bread is the way to go.

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