Bob Harper doesn’t like the cast?

It seems like everyone is complaining about the thirteenth season of Biggest Loser, and now according to Radar Online, Bob Harper can be added to the list of people saying they don’t like the contestants. He’s also quoted as calling them bullies.

Part of me wonders if some of the response to the thirteenth season is reaction to the subtle changes having a different company make the show involves. 3 Ball studios made seasons 1-12, but for whatever reason, NBC switched production over to Reveille. Which means the editing and production team is completely new. Even with familiar faces (trainers, host), that’s going to change up the challenges, the feel, and even the tone of the show.

But here’s the thing, I don’t think Bob gets attached to the contestants like he used to anyway, so I don’t really buy into quotes about the cast. Back in the day during the initial seasons, Bob and Jillian literally lived on the ranch with the contestants and did everything with them. It’s why they’re all still so close to each other (trainers and contestants). By my season the trainers no longer lived on the ranch and were just on site during the week. From what I understand from other Biggest Loser alumni, during recent seasons, the trainers are only on site one or two days a week. Ultimately, this is a budget saving device for the show (they pay per day, and as the trainers gain popularity and seniority, that pay per day goes up), and it’s probably what has kept Bob around for thirteen seasons in the US, the special editions, and the Australian Biggest Loser for several seasons (no one could sustain the onsite presence at that pace and last). All that to say, no one gets close if they only see each other at the gym once a week and at a weigh in. So  of course Bob isn’t going to like the contestants in the same way that he did the ones he lived with.

9 thoughts on “Bob Harper doesn’t like the cast?

  1. Bob has seemed angry from the git go this season. He spends much more time with a scowl on his face. I was stunned to hear him earlier in the season carping about Dolvett using some of Bob's routines. Sure each trainer has their own trademark routines but it just made him look petty. Which is not a word I would have EVER associated with Bob before.

    As for the cast, I don't much like them either.


  2. I've never been much of a Bob fan – he performs for the cameras. I haven't been watching this season (although, I am about to start because I'm curious about all the drama), I find it funny to think it would be upset with Dolvett about that … Bob learned/copied tons from Jillian!


  3. COPIED AND SHARED FROM: Matt's Biggest Loser casting tips (season 13)

    "My Time!!! :

    Did anyone read Bob Harpers post on Facebook? It kind of sounds like a fairwell. What do you all think??"


    I thought I’d share it for all to interpret. I felt your opinion made sense to me, but someone in my house thinks it doesn’t, to them. I wonder what others on here, feel, whereas we tend to try to analyze everything to death.

    “Bob Harper

    There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the positive impact Biggest Loser has made on America for 200 episodes. I’m honored to say I’ve been a part of the BL family since day 1 and can only hope to continue to be able to share my health and fitness advice for years to come.”"


  4. Bob Harper isn't going anywhere. That show is his biggest asset, and at this point, with it not taking nearly as much time as it used to (a couple days a week), it's easy money – and a huge marketing vehicle for his website, books, workout dvds and more.


  5. Yeh, I heard a long time ago it was because 3ball was moonlighting with "The Revolution".

    "ABC's 'The Revolution' Set To Premiere Monday, January 16, 2012

    Written By Robert Seidman

    November 28th, 2011

    “The Revolution” is produced by 3 Ball Productions/Eyeworks USA, the producers of “The Biggest Loser” and ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.” JD Roth and Todd A. Nelson serve as executive producers."


  6. Hey Matthew. I have a question about the trainers only being there 2 days a week. As you know about my passion for BL, I WANT to know as much as I can. Are there any specific contestants from recent seasons that have told you this (if you'd rather not tell anyone else, you could email me at If you cant talk about it, that's ok)? Also, when did you find out about them only being there 2 days a week?


  7. Basically what I mean is I'm hearing current contestants "We are so thankful to have had Bob all week." Or "I can't believe we lost Dolvett all week." So is it a for sure known fact that Bob and Dolvett are there 2 days a week when I'm hearing contestants say they're there all week confuses me.


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