The season 13 walkers got cut!


According to TMZ, and they are a fount of accurate information (yes, sarcasm), filming has resumed on the Biggest Loser Ranch without two of the contestants that walked. There’s also a strong possibility that it will be worked into the story of the season.

Of course it will be worked into the season! Guaranteed, they will tease it for weeks ahead of time and get better ratings for that episode than even the finale! It will be a free advertising goldmine for the show.

On another note, the producers had to cut them. Otherwise it sends a message to reality contestants everywhere that they can team up and hijack a show. That can’t be an option for the networks, there’s too much money on the line for them to not have absolute control over everything that happens.

I wonder, though, if the producers still don’t quite know what they’re doing. NBC switched production away from 3 Ball studios after season 12 for undisclosed reasons and gave it to Reveille. Every other reality show in existence is usually filmed in the space of 3-5 weeks. They may portray them as 12-18 week shows (Apprentice, Survivor, etc.), but each of those ‘weeks’ only take 2-3 days to film. Because of the actual reality of weight loss, Biggest Loser is the only show out there that has an isolated cast for as many as six or more months filming on location. This does something to contestants, and 3 Ball had learned through trial and error a LOT about how to make that work.

I’m not sure that Reveille is there yet.

7 thoughts on “The season 13 walkers got cut!

  1. Now it's a game of "who got the axe?" at my house. Figure it was probably the ring leaders who were shown the door.

    General concensus is Conda for one. But who for the other?


  2. <blockquote cite="#commentbody-46714">

    Jay Phillippi :

    Now it’s a game of “who got the axe?” at my house. Figure it was probably the ring leaders who were shown the door.

    General concensus is Conda for one. But who for the other?

    Kim, of course…


  3. Thanks for the information about the show changing production companies. I didn't know that, and it explains a LOT as to why this season's show barely resembles the inspirational television I loved in the past.


  4. I only hope it's Conda and Kim! Kim tends to be Conda's cheerleader… I'm curious what she'd be like had Conda not been around. Nonetheless, get RID of the negativity. I'd be shocked if Conda wasn't one of the walkers. She quite simply doesn't deserve the title of Biggest Loser — that implies that the individual is inspiring and motivating. She… is clearly neither of those things.


  5. Alright, starting the 23rd Mark (Gray/Red Team, Season 13) posted that he had walked. But he claimed "I can assure you, there was no protest." Which leads me to believe maybe 3 people left, and two of them were disqualified, but Mark just left. He also said things that sounded like he walked with his son Chism. But Chism has stated "I am obviously still in the running for The Biggest Loser." You can research more on their Twitter pages.


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