Some random thoughts …

I have a thousand ideas for blog posts, but when I sit down at my computer I am either too tired to bother, or I draw a blank. Sheesh.

On a side note, I have been enjoying writing lately. An article went live last week with Immerse, another on the way with Simply Youth Ministry, and a several others I finished that will hopefully be out there soon. On top of that, I’ve finally started working on some book proposals. This all feels really good to me.

I am one sore dude. I’ve been doing an hour at the gym, Monday through Friday, for the last several weeks. Part of pushing it has meant amping the settings every day. So it feels good to be a little sore all the time – it means something is going on, and I’m seeing a lot of changes in my endurance levels. Sweet.

There is not enough time to do all that I want to do. This is annoying.

Our Bearded Dragon, Pebbles, is one weird little lizard. Seriously. Every day at least one of us finds ourselves saying, ‘hey, Pebbles is being weird again.’ Why? Because he is weird. But also fun. Lately he’s been getting a little more comfortable so when we bring him out he ends up running all over us … and then tries to make a break for it so he can explore more of the house. However, he needs to finish growing to his full 24 inches before we let that happen. He needs to be bigger than the hiding places so we don’t lose him!

Alcatraz has been a disappointment for me. Terra Nova was cancelled which is a bummer. Fringe is probably in it’s last season. I need some new sci-fi … when are they going to wake up and bring back Firefly?

One thought on “Argh

  1. Wow very random today, but good thoughts! Can't wait till you get a chance write your own book, good luck on the proposals.


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