Not to toot my own horn, ’cause I’m just not that type of guy (riiiiight) … but …


Good Friday just became Awesome Friday.

I hit a big milestone in my current weight loss endeavors (I started in January), sailing past the 50 pounds lost mark this morning (I dropped several pounds, so total loss is at 52 lbs). It felt good.

There have been a couple things different this time around – really in a lot of ways the first time I’ve been doing all this right since I left the show. I have two different groups for accountability (a competition, and a bunch of other Biggest Loser alumni), I’ve been counting calories and eating healthy, and I’ve been exercising regularly for about five hours a week at the local YMCA.

Which adds up to me losing weight at a consistent pace, feeling better, fitting in my ‘thinner’ clothes, and feeling a real change in my endurance levels.

I actually had to start changing up my workouts at the YMCA this past week. I had been just walking aggressively on the treadmill, steadily increasing the pace and the incline to keep pushing myself. However, I’ve started to reach the limits there, so now I’m starting off on the elliptical to get my heart rate up, then switching to the treadmill to finish the hour. Currently I’m up to 15 minutes (next workout I’m going for 20), then over to the treadmill. Eventually I’ll be doing the whole hour on the elliptical, then when that gets to easy I’ll start off jogging and then switch to the elliptical (that’s how I continually upped the intensity back in my Biggest Loser days).

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