Biggest Loser Finale

My random reactions to the finale …

  • Wow! Congrats to Jeremy! Losing 199 pounds in seven months is amazing no matter how you look at it!
  • I wasn’t thrilled with the one hour format. It felt like Ali was sprinting with all her words, everything was a little too rushed, and the contestants and trainers for the most part didn’t get to say much. At the same time, I liked that it was very focused on the transformations and celebrating the weight loss. The two hour format has always felt a little too drawn out for me with too many video recaps. Maybe 90 minutes is the sweet spot?
  • For a bunch of emotional eaters, listening to the viewers slam their season yet still pulling out amazing transformations across the board was awesome to see.
  • I still see a lot of negativity about certain contestants online. Personally, I’m still giving them all the benefit of the doubt until I hear it from the people present. Otherwise I’m chalking it up to editing.
  • I wish I was there!!! There is nothing like partying with a bunch of Biggest Loser alumni!
  • I was a bit chapped that even though Mark, Buddy and Joe were in the audience, they didn’t acknowledge them in any way. Say whatever you want about them quitting, NBC milked it like crazy for ratings. As much as they may have blasted them on the show, when TMZ originally busted the news their ratings jumped, and I would imagine that the actual walkout episode was some of their best ratings in years. I know my blog alone saw around a 2000% increase in traffic that week – it got people talking about an aging reality show. That’s money in the bank for them. All that to say, I would have liked to have seen their presence acknowledged in some way so we could see the weight they loss. They did before and after photo shoots of them supposedly for the NBC website, but they haven’t posted them yet (the rest of the cast is online, so it seems intentional).

4 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Finale

  1. Doesn't surprise me that they didn't show Buddy and Mark. Whatever happened they left the show and this was about those who stayed. It wasn't ever going to happen.

    I agree on the length of the finale. 2 hours seemed to drag on forever but 1 hour was whip lash inducing. 90 minutes would be about right.

    Hope I helped push up your traffic. I mentioned your blog on my media commentary radio program. Which means you probably picked 2 maybe 3 views, lol.


  2. Yeah, I would have liked to see how Joe, Mark, and Buddy did at home, but I understand why they didn't. It's just like Rulon. Either way, I didn't even realize the Finale was only an hour until after it was over XD. I agree it seemed rushed, but all of them seem rushed to me :P. I don't care how long the Finale is, I guess. As long as we get AT LEAST one Finale every year I'm happy :)!


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