Free Kindle youth ministry books!

Stumbled across a couple cool free books for Kindle today; not sure how long the special will last so grab ’em quick.

Living with Questions, by Dale Fincher. It’s actually part of Youth Specialties Invert line of books, written for Christian teens on apologetics. It’s a great book and helps equip teens with answers and how to wrestle with questions. GET IT.

Commentary on Mark, by Robert Gundry. It’s a great resource; a verse by verse commentary on the gospel of Mark. Definitely worth grabbing.

2 thoughts on “Free Kindle youth ministry books!

  1. Dear Saints,

    We are a Christian-based non-governmental organization based in Nakuru,Kenya and involved in gospel based community projects.

    Currently,we are implementing the Dundori Community Christian Library project where pastors,evangelists,church leaders,ministers and members of the Dundori community will have access to Christian literature,books,bibles,sermons,music,films,knowledge and information.

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    Yours in Christ,

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