Joe Castillo on America’s Got Talent

Joe Castillo is an amazing artist with a unique talent – telling stories with sand. I’ve seen him perform live several times at the National Youth Workers Convention over the years and have been blown away every time. It was fun to see another Christian artist/performer making the stage of America’s Got Talent. Hopefully he makes it far in the competition!

One thought on “Joe Castillo on America’s Got Talent

  1. I think Joe will go far, but I don’t predict he will win the competition. His art is amazing though and I was only disappointed the piece was so short. I’m looking forward to seeing him do a longer set of finger drawings. I have to admit I’m getting a little tired of the filler though, just like I was tired of manually fast forwarding through commercials. I use the Auto Hop feature on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings when I want to select the auto commercial skipping so I can watch the show in less time. I can fit in another show as a result, which makes for a relaxing evening.


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