Biggest Loser’s new logo

Well, it’s almost here … after half year hiatus, the Biggest Loser will be coming back in January with a new cast, Jillian Michaels back, and a new logo (see above)! I actually think the time off the air will do the show a lot of good. I’ve thought for a while now that two seasons a year would wear viewers out, especially with two hour episodes. I think the return to one per year, with (hopefully) shorter episodes to go along with the shorter season will actually give the show what it needs – it will leave people wanting more!

I’m intrigued by the logo redesign, though. Maybe I’m still getting used to it; it’s actually the third in the series history. Season one saw the original logo; if you notice ‘the’ is actually on the upper left, and the the rest of the logo isn’t quite as smooth or refined as later versions. That’s Gary Deckman rocking his finale weigh in, by the way, one of my long time inspirations. By season two they made the switch to the logo that carried the show through twelve seasons and the special editions, however, even as far as season three there were still leftover shirts from season one popping up now and then with the original logo. I know I received at least one.

Of course my favorite is the logo I wore. I’ve always felt like it perfectly summed up the show through the shrinking waistline, the tape measure, and besides that, it just looks good. I think I’ll miss seeing contestants sporting it on the show! But I definitely agree with the recent seasons ratings declining, the show definitely needed some retooling and rethinking. Then again, most of the decline I still attribute to the changeover in production companies. Hopefully this time around they find the right inspirational feel for the show in their editing!

But now that I’ve had my long winded say … what do you think of the new logo and what you’ve seen so far of the new season?

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