Lose weight with Dr. Huizenga of the Biggest Loser!

clinic by dr. h

The man actually behind all the success at the Biggest Loser is Dr. Huizenga. He’s the one who designed the workout programs, who tracks the contestants, developed the diet, and more. So much of what we see on the show is done for entertainment, but when the cameras aren’t rolling, it’s Dr. H and his team that really make it all happen. You can read a lot of how he does that (and the behind the scenes story of season three, my season, from his perspective) in his book, ‘Where did all the fat go?’ I might be biased since I’m in the book, but I think it’s great.

He recently opened The Clinic by Dr. H, a fantastic new weight loss program where you can spend time with him, his team, and former contestants in California learning how to lose the weight right. I had a three day boot camp with him before heading home and losing 176 lbs on my own; I can’t imagine the impact of two weeks with him and his team! Even better? He has a scholarship program to help everyone be able to take advantage of his program! Check it out:

Great news from The Clinic by Dr. H!!!

We will begin offering Scholarships to 4 lucky individuals (alternating between men and women) for every two week session here at The Clinic! The Scholarships will help to greatly reduce the cost of attending The Clinic! These are once in a lifetime opportunities for the lucky individuals selected.

Here’s what you need in order to be considered for a Scholarship:

1. Write an essay of no more than 500 words (essays over 500 words will not be considered) and tell us why you have a medical necessity / financial hardship and need access to our Scholarship and what attending The Clinic by Dr. H would mean to you.

2. Please send your essay in an email to smorley@theclinicbydrh.com.

3. You must have a valid PPO or Point of Service insurance to be eligible.

Individuals will be selected on an ongoing basis and will share all aspects of their journey, including their room, and help support each other while they’re at The Clinic.

We look forward to helping you change your life!

One thought on “Lose weight with Dr. Huizenga of the Biggest Loser!

  1. So happy to read the news of scholarships being available! Will definitely apply. Thank You!


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