Biggest Loser season 15 casting calls announced!


Check out the above graphic to see when and where the open casting calls for the next season of Biggest Loser are being held! Exact times and locations will be updated soon at the casting website, What this means, since filming usually begins 4-6 months before the season premiere, is that we’re probably looking at another January launch to the show. Casting will happen over the next few months, be finalized in the summer, and begin filming late summer for a January premiere. Good luck! For more advice on trying out for the show, check out my casting tips blog post.

So who’s going? And to which city? I’d love to hear how it goes!

6 thoughts on “Biggest Loser season 15 casting calls announced!

  1. I’m going to Charleston…I’m excited that I’ve actually taken this first step! Before I’ve had excuse after excuse…but this time, I’m lettin it allllll hang out!


  2. I am going to Atlanta May 11th… Can’t wait.. And so nervous.. This is my first time applying. I have watched most of the seasons and wished it was me.. And now i am 40 i cannot keep putting this off any longer… I owe this to my kids and myself.


  3. I am so excited!! I have been following my husband around the world (he is in the military) for the last 8 years and this isthe first year we are close enough for me to go! Do you have any tips for the video submission? I am also going to the LA casting call 😀


  4. Hey Matthew,
    What a lovely website, blog, resource and inspiration. I am attending Atlanta’s casting call on the 11th. I just received a “front of the line” pass. Should I be excited? Do you know if they are given out randomly or on purpose? I would imagine they give out tons…perhaps to stagger folks attending the call? I would love to hear your thoughts.
    In Gods Grace and gratitude ,
    Anna Morgan (Tampa).


  5. I will also be at the casting in Charleston (hometown). I am excited about the possiblities. This is my first time applying and have been getting wonderful encouragement from family and friends.


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