MinistryDownloads is a great all-around resource site for those in ministry I recently stumbled across! I feel like there has been a real shift in how churches are resourced over the last decade; instead of a handful of large companies being the only real resources out there with expensive materials, often times with pricing staggered to the size of the church, there has been a real rise in online, digital resources with incredibly low costs that stay the same regardless of church size. Instead of paying anywhere from $30-$120 for a four week curriculum, these kinds of sites provide similar resources for $8-$12. How? By removing a lot of the layers between the content creator and the resource customer.

This is GOOD for churches. I love being able to see the ministry budget I’m entrusted with go farther. MinistryDownloads is one of those sites; with resources for children’s ministry, youth ministry, small groups, and sermon resources for pastors, it is a great all-around resource site. There are a number of free resources available on the site in addition to all of the solid materials for sale (starting at $3 and going up from there depending on the size of the resource). They’ve also started a new subscription service called All-Access; for just $17 a month, subscribers can download whatever they want, as much as they want. It’s a really great deal; and a solid resource that can be shared with multiple ministry areas in the church. Definitely worth checking out!

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