Veggie Tales movie a success!

We just got home from watching the new Veggie Tales movie, The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything!  The Harbor Theater in Boothbay Harbor graciously took a risk and agreed to run the movie at my request – I told them I would help spread the word, and we were both hoping to see at least enough people come out so the movie could break even!  Well, between yesterday’s showing and today’s, 159 tickets were sold, more than double what was needed!  What a hit!  Families had a blast, the community got a great family movie at a bargain ticket price, and we supported a local business!  Not a bad day!

As far as the movie goes, it was a lot of fun.  My wife and I got a kick out of it; the animation and story were great and my kids were bouncing off their seats they loved it so much!  There were a couple times my four year old got a little nervous, but nothing overly scary.  All in all, a great family movie that I would highly recommend!  I’m really glad we were able to bring this movie to Boothbay, and with such a great response, it looks like we’ll be doing more of the same in the future!

3 thoughts on “Veggie Tales movie a success!

  1. we took our kids the first day it came out and it was fun. But I was still dissappointed at the lack of characters (where was Laura the Carrot? And Bob only has a brief cameo?) and the second rate animation. I wish Veggie Tales could have the money support to do animation like in Ratatoille, etc.

    My kids had fun though and they loved the music video that is also on the web. They really loved the talking cheese curl things.

    On a side note, I thought it was a decent allegory and fun to help our kids connect the dots as to who is the King, and what does that make us, etc.


  2. Yeah, the cheese curls were hilarious … although, I did get the munchies …

    It would have been fun to have more of the popular characters in it, but I still had a good time. They'll never have the budget Pixar gets! lol Veggie Tales movies get 10-20 million dollars in theaters … Pixar makes ten times that … oh well!


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