Brief Relief band night


Tuesday night we had a great band night at the church; it’s our annual Brief Relief band night.  Here’s the deal, every year we go and work at a homeless ministry for a few days.  Four or five years ago (I think … this was the fourth or fifth Brief Relief), someone asked the question what we could bring to donate to the homeless ministry and they said the thing they actually always need is men’s underwear.  And Brief Relief was born!  Kids either pay $5 to get in or bring a package of new men’s underwear.  We also have food and candy for sale; all the money brought in goes towards buying underwear.  And let’s face it: any time you can get underwear into the name of an event and on the promo (we hand tightie whitie clipart everywhere), you know you’ve got a winner. 

We had a great band lineup; half a dozen groups willing to play for nothing or gas money (some of them drove a ways to get here), and we set up two stages so there would be no down time between bands.  While one plays on one stage, the other band sets up on the other stage, etc.  We had a great turnout; somewhere around 250 plus about 25 band types.  This was the first time where I really saw Facebook as an awesome tool; Chris (my assistant) created a Facebook event and between the two of us we invited about two hundred teens in the region.  A bunch of them went on to invite their friends  on their accounts … with us ending up with close to 800 different people being invited by someone they knew to the band night.  For free.  Awesome!



One thought on “Brief Relief band night

  1. facebook is an amazing tool. If you want to see it in crazy action check out the FB group Rob Bliss urban experiments. THis guy from my city (Grand Rapids) got about 1000 people to come downtown for a 5 minute pillow fight. Then he got over 4000 to come down and break a world record for the largest Zombie walk ever…all through FB event and word of mouth! Crazy!!


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