Tips for a healthy Superbowl party!

Cheryl Forberg, the nutritionist for Biggest Loser and my personal hero, has a great post on her blog for a healthy Superbowl party!  Here’s the intro … if you like it, follow the link at the end to get the rest!

Just when you think you’ve got a handle on those New Years resolutions, the big temptation day arrives – Superbowl Sunday. Chicken wings, nachos, chili – the calories can add up quickly. This year, you can still enjoy tasty snacks while watching the game — without breaking the bank on your calorie budget. My favorite choice for such occasions is a scrumptious spread of dips – creamy,chunky, spicy, tangy – everybody loves ‘em. Hot-cold, spooned or dipped – the possibilities are endless. As a cook, it’s a slam dunk because there’s nothing easier to prepare for impromptu get-togethers. But my favorite part is that they can be made well ahead of time so I can enjoy my parties with my guests.

No, you won’t find me stirring up a zippy sour-cream based French onion dip or melting handfuls of gooey Cheddar over crispy fried chips — not in my kitchen. I am still a nutritionist afterall. There’s no doubt that high fat ingredients add flavor and texture to just about any thing. But as a chef first, I’ve learned how to make recipes sing without a boatload of fat grams. Instead of focusing on a rich sour cream or cheese base for a dip, I use vegetables or beans as my primary ingredient. An unctuous puree of eggplant or garbanzo beans is the perfect place to start. A spoonful of healthy fat such as olive oil or tahini is all that’s needed to add layers of texture and flavor to just the right melange of spices and seasonings.

For the rest of the article and some great recipes, read the rest of Cheryl’s blog!

2 thoughts on “Tips for a healthy Superbowl party!

  1. Thanks for posting that Matt. We're going to be having a mini Superbowl party. It's kinda hard not to have a party when the Steelers are in the big game. LET'S GO STEELERS!!!! Ha! Ha! I had to put that. 🙂


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