iTunes and student ministry


I’ve been playing with iTunes this year, seeing if it’s a good way to connect with teens and parents or not.  Since I already create dvds from our special events, it wasn’t too much extra effort to convert the footage to iPod friendly video files that could be downloaded through iTunes.  With so many kids running around with iPods, iTunes and more, it seemed like such a natural way to promote events.  Here’s why …

Let’s be real: we all love videos of ourselves.  I’ll admit it, I do.  It’s why we have home movies.  Now with technology being what it is, kids can have those videos in their pocket on their video capable mp3 players, their cell phones, their video game devices, and more.  The hope is, not only will they be watching the videos – they’ll show their friends!  It’s also a great way for parents to keep tabs on some of our event media, and for visitors checking us out online to see our highlights from events.  I upload music videos, random footage, and even footage and audio from messages given at special events.  ITunes doesn’t charge to make it available as a podcast; I just have to have hosting for the files (which I already have for my website).  Anyway, if you want to check it out you can get to it two ways; search for ‘Summit Student Ministry’ in the iTunes store, or follow this link: Summit Student Ministry podcast.

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