Church clip art FAIL

jail ministry

Am I the only one that thinks this piece of clip art I stumbled across from an old clip art book is in poor taste?  I mean, seriously … if you were the dude in prison, is this the kind of imagery you would want the ministry that comes to see you identifying itself?  If you have a family member in jail, is this what you want to see on the church bulliten board?

Besides, how often do prisoners actually wear ‘cuffs in prison, anyway?

This is the kind of thing that leads the world to think Christians are insensitive.

3 thoughts on “Church clip art FAIL

  1. Oh yeah, it's an old one – I saw it in an old clip art book that was kicking around the church office. I don't even think they make those any more …

    Side story, my assistant is young enough to not know that clip art is called clip art because you used to literally clip it out of a book and glue it on to your photo copy master. I about died when we had that conversation!!!


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