New weight loss show now casting!


Hey everyone, just wanted to pass on an announcement I just got from the casting team behind Biggest Loser!  Just to clarify; 3Ball productions is the company that actually makes the Biggest Loser.  NBC buys it from them and then airs it, so this new show is made by the same people that make Biggest Loser and would most likely involve a lot of the same team behind the scenes!  Anyway, it sounds pretty interesting to me … check it out! 



The producers of “THE BIGGEST LOSER,” a show that has inspired millions around the country to lose weight, are developing a new show that will take one special family struggling with obesity on their own weight loss journey.

Are you and your family considered obese? Has your struggle with obesity and the prejudices you’ve had to endure put a strain on your family’s life? Are you ready to finally change your lives around?

We’re looking for a family that will allow us into their lives and share their story as we document their weight loss journey together.

We’ll have experts such as therapists, dieticians & trainers working with you regularly to help you meet your weight loss goals.

If you and your family are overweight and interested in making a change, please email your contact information and a brief family description to:


Subject line: Family weight-loss

*For each family member please include a picture, name, age, height and weight.

One thought on “New weight loss show now casting!

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