Biggest Loser Season 8 preview!

Wow, just stumbled across the new preview for season eight of Biggest Loser! You can find it here. It’s only a minute long, but it managed to make my wife tear up! One of the most surprising aspects of it is the return of Daniel! On the one hand, the kid definitely has the weight to lose and the heart to do it, but on the other hand … by now he has all the tools to do it on his own. It kind of gives him a huge advantage over the other contestants in that he has had months of experience on the show, with the trainers, and arrives on day one knowing how to work the game. Then again, it is kind of nice to give him a chance at having a finale with a total transformation – he had too much weight to lose to pull that off in one season! What do you guys think?

15 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Season 8 preview!

  1. I think it's great. I would be all for it if it was me – so why not for him. A great opportunity that I hope he takes full advantage of.


  2. Oh, don't get me wrong – I'm happy for him and looking forward to seeing him on the show. But I also think we can probably assume that he's starting off with a giant target on his back – if there had been a returning contestant on my season you can bet we'd all pump him for gameplay info and then vote him off as soon as we could. The guy has months of insider knowledge and experience when it comes to the game aspect of the show and the trainers. That would be threatening for other players!


  3. that is very true. So if anything he will have to stay above that yellow line. He may be on a gag order not to talk about the insider knowledge


  4. I was thrilled to see Daniel get a 2nd chance because I felt like he lacked a true partner last season. David just was not committed to the process and I didn't feel he supported Daniel the way he should have. So good for him, getting to give it another try. I had the same thoughts as you, Matthew, while watching the preview… Daniel knows what to expect, and his learning curve will be NOTHING to everyone else. Not saying he won't have to work equally as hard, if not harder. He will definitely have a target on his back. But this time he won't have a partner who will hold him back, or who he has to waste energy on.


  5. Just thought I would add my 2 cents.

    As I had said earlier on another blog, I thought it was awesome Daniel was brought back. The only thing I really felt could be a problem, the same way as AV coming back and getting a 2nd chance, Daniel would have another opportunity at winning the grand prize. Another chance, with, as the previous posters stated, an huge advantage. In AV's case, she did come back to win and sweep the grand prize out from under all the other contestants she had previously played against, who were counting down as each contestant (including AV) was knocked out.

    Like I said before, I think the 2nd chance is a wonderful thing (although many others could use a 1st chance), but it would be nice if it were written into their contract, they were not eligible for the prize. But, then again, there are prizes won throughout the entire season.

    Good Luck to Daniel and everyone else on Season 8.


  6. I did not apply this season, but I did get pretty far last season, so with all this talk of "my" season I had to chime in. I do think it is great for Daniel as well, but the first thing I thought of was the huge target that would be on his back. The other contestants must be thinking he already had this chance and we did not, so why let him stay.

    Also, in reference to the couples thing, I don't know if anyone noticed, but it looked like they were all randomly paired into couples. There was no blue, black or red teams and two of them were on the scale at the same time. I would not like that, I mean don't get me wrong I would be willing to be on that show for anything, its just having to rely on some random person to hold you up is kind of scary. However, look at how well Brittany and Bernie turned out, but that was only one case, it looks like there is going to be a whole show full of that kind of pair up. Just thought this might be interesting to throw out there, but who knows we will see when the show premieres.


  7. You know what would be weird.
    If in season 8 they had you paired with someone you have to beat in percentage of weight loss. Remember the challenge last season where one person from Jillians team was paired against a person from Bob's team.
    I don't really remember how it worked out but what if they did something like that this season??


  8. WOW, can not wait for season 8! So glad Danny is back but have to agree with you Matt, he will have a target on his back.


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