99 Thoughts for Youth Workers

I just finished reading Josh Griffin’s new book, 99 Thoughts for Youth Workers, and it’s great!  He’s the lead youth pastor at Saddleback Church (Rick Warren’s church), part of the Doug Field’s Simply Youth Ministry podcast crew and blogging king.  The thought that kept crossing my mind as I read it is that it’s kind of like the youth workers book of Proverbs.  There’s actually 113 thoughts, but whatever, I’m a youth pastor so I like getting 14 for free!  Basically, it’s split up into four big areas; Vision and Leadership, Programs and People, Small Groups and Events, and Everyday Ministry.  They’re short, insightful, and each thought is followed by a brief explanation of why it’s important.  Honestly, I as I was reading it I was seeing ideas for the program I lead, ways I can grow as a leader, and a solid resource that I’d love to get in the hands of all my volunteers.

As a resource for volunteers, it really shines.  It’s short, focused, easy to read, and full of solid advice and ideas that anyone from the lead person to the rookie intern could learn from.  What was really jumping out at me were the thoughts on parents; communicating with them, involving them, etc – definitely an area I want to grow more in and I felt like Griffin was giving me some solid direction!

All in all, I think it’s a great resource, definitely worth the $5 cover price (and if you order before the August 8th release, you get a free digital download – that’s how I got mine!), and a great resource to grab for your whole team as we roll into the new school year!

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