Challenge week four results

tending the temple challenge

Week four!  We’re a third of the way through our twelve week challenge!  You guys are doing amazing; this is the tough time, where the routine really starts to set in and our years of bad habits start fighting back against the change.  If you were one of the ones who put a little weight on this week instead of losing, don’t feel too bad – I did, too!  1.2 pounds to be exact.  There were more of us than usual that did – be encouraged, you’re normal!  We all make mistakes because we’re fallible human beings.  It just means that we report the gain, and start over with the next week!  But on to the results!

Our Biggest Loser for the week, with an impressive 2.14% loss, is Lina B!  Absolutely fantastic!

Our weekly hall of fame (people who lost 1% or more) has two people in it; Tara Z and Joshua J!  Talk about hard work paying off!

If you are one of the handful that forgot to send in weights, you can still send ‘em in!

Here’s an exercise question for you – do like working out outside or inside?  With music or without?  I’m a treadmill and elliptical kind of guy.  The outside is nice, but I push myself harder on a machine when I’m listening to some music or watching a movie.  Just tune out the world and be a hamster on my wheel – it’s great!  What about you?

5 thoughts on “Challenge week four results

  1. Lina B. WOW!!!!2.14% good for you!! And no little feat, good going Tara Z. and Joshua J…… My weight loss was not good this week, but I had something great happen, I went to my sons chior perfomance at his school tonight….I was running late, so as soon as I got into the auditorium, I sat right down… A few minutes later I realized I had sat down without any fuss, no wiggling to sit, slouching in the seat to make my hips fit in the seat. I just sat down….I have been going to that auditorium for years…it felt great!! So to me I had a great week..


  2. I posted this on the "weigh-in day" page before I noticed we are already on a new post. My days are running together.

    She is doing okay, we will find out what they are going to do Monday. She isn’t hurting quite as bad today. Now my Dad is in the hospital (he has cancer) and I have been staying with him thru the day. That is okay though because as I was leaving the hospital today I just happened to notice a sign hanging up about a 5k to fight cancer. It is official….I have decided that it is going to be my very first 5k. I was waiting for the right time and I believe I seen that sign for a reason. I will bedoing my first 5k on Nov. 15th. I am so excited!!!!


  3. Thanks! Congrats to everyone who lost this week too!

    As for the exercise question – I can only exercise if I make it a point to go to the gym, so indoors for me. I prefer music TOTALLY! But my iPod is one of the old huge ones and I don't have a place to put it so I have been doing it without music. I need to upgrade my iPod…then I'll be happier. I like the elliptical and the bikes…I have yet to try a treadmill…I have never ever been on one. Crazy. Next time I go to the gym and no one is there I'll give it a try. I'm just afraid I'll end up on my face on the floor like I've seen so many others do in videos. I'm a clutz anyway, so it really could happen.


  4. Congrats guys!! lina! You are rocking it again!

    Liesia, Where is this 5K? I am so excited you are doing it! Have you been running??

    As for exercise…I love running outside…on trails not pavement!

    ANd I am back…this weigh in once a month thing is not working for me…I have slacked, using my new job as a crutch….done, fine, it is over…Gain or not, I will be reporting on Tuesday….


  5. Kim, it is in Knoxville Tennessee (, supporting cancer research. I am doing it for my Hero, my Dad. I heard something on the news this mornig something about a 5k in december too. If I find ut about that one I will probably do it too (if this one doesn't kill me). 🙂 I haven't been running as much as I should have been but I figured this would give me a reason to HAVE to make time for it. I have got to get back to my healthy train of thought. My Dad is in the hospital with cancer and I am going to start using the stairs for my workouts. He is on the 8th floor so when I can leave him for like 20 or 30 minutes I will take that time for me. Is that even still a part of my vocalbulary (ME), sometimes I think it isn't anymore. Anyone that prays….please pray for my Dad (and my daughter). My daughter is on a new medicine for 6 weeks to see if that is going to help her, she is glad not to be going thru anymore tests right now.


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