Bonfire video

We had our bonfire yesterday!  One of our long time volunteers, Ed, has a beautiful property that is perfect for it!  A bunch of leaders and students spent the day cutting wood, grabbing branches, and hauling it all back to the burning zone.  All in all, we had a great night!

You’ll see it on the video, but we had some bizarrely strong eggs!  We did an egg toss and those puppies just would not break.  Weird!  And I ended up with egg on my a couple different times; the first was from Kelsie J.  She nailed me in the back with an egg, totally had yolk all over me.  In her defense, I did throw one at her first when she arrived.  In my defense, I missed her (on purpose I might add).

Then, when we did the egg toss, Kitsa had an egg break in her hand, which she then wiped on my head.  In her defense, I did intentionally cause the egg she was holding to break in her hand.  In my defense, she was about to throw it AT someone instead of TO someone in the toss, so I broke it on her before she could break it on someone else!

So to sum up, waaaaaay too many raw eggs ended up on me last night.

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