Weigh in day!

tending the temple challenge

Don’t forget, today is weigh  in day!  If you’re participating in the challenge, get your weights to me today (McNuttBlog@gmail.com)!  Are we really already five weeks into this thing?  Almost half way to the finish line!  The ridiculous thing is that I’ve been sitting on the prize since the beginning – forgot completely to ever detail it!  I’ll fill you in with the results post!

Keep it up guys!  You’re all doing amazing!

One thought on “Weigh in day!

  1. I hope every body is doing better than I have done the past couple of weeks.. My girls came home from college , fall break. Then my husand came back from brazil..needless to say I got way off track and gained 2 lbs. Well the girls are back in school and my husband is getting ready to go to Austriala for 2 or 3 weeks so I need to get back on track. Good luck


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