Sunday report (December 6th)

Today we finished our five week series centered on our student ministry purpose statement; ‘we are a real people, in love with a real God, who make a real difference in the world.’  To me, there are five core elements in that phrase that sum up why we get together, why we have church, why we meet and why this is all important.  They are:

  • “We are a real people” connects to our need for fellowship.
  • “In love with a real God” connects to discipleship (we want to learn more about Him) and worship (we want to show our love to Him)
  • “Who make a real difference in the world” connects to service and evangelism.

For five weeks, using the series ‘Life has a purpose’ from the Live Curriculum as a launching point, we took a closer look at each of those core elements, or reasons, for why we do what we do.  Even though senior high and middle school were both taking a look at the same topics, we were split up for the lesson time to keep it a little more age specific.

Today our final study was “Honoring God In All That You Do,” which centered on the topic of worship.  Sue M taught the middle school students, and George F taught the high school group.  We focused on the truth that God rested on the seventh day to show us the importance of taking time to stop and express our love and worship for God. Using Genesis 2:2-3 and Psalm 46:10, we saw that we were created to honor God.

Sometime this week, generate some discussion with your teenager about honoring God:

  • What are some traits of a healthy attitude toward worship?
  • As a family do we honor the Sabbath as a day of rest, or does it look just like every other day of the week?
  • What are some great ways to prepare yourself to worship God when you come to church?

Thanks for your love for God and your love for your teenager. Have a blessed day!

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