Student Small Groups update (March 17th)

Wednesday night was the first small groups since daylight savings kicked into gear, which meant it was the first one to start during daylight in a long time!  It’s always a surprise how attendance is going to turn out after a time change, season change, or if a local sports team is in the championship.  It actually ended up being a little below average, but not bad.

The middle school students were doing small group studies from Simply Youth Ministry’s Active Bible Studies; the study this week was entitled ‘Grab Bag.’  The theme was one of getting to know one another deeper, with the launching point being Philippians 2:12.  There were all sorts of questions ranging from what’s your dream car to what’s the one question you would ask God.  It was designed to be fun, but also create opportunities for depth and building relationships that will continue to develop and grow through middle school into high school.

The high school kids were in week three of a five week series called Plugged In.  It’s a DVD series from Simply Youth Ministry working through five different themes; worship, evangelism, service, discipleship and fellowship.  This week the topic was fellowship with the lesson called ‘It’s not an individual thing.’  Part of the theme of the lesson is that it’s not easy for anyone to stay plugged in to the Christian life, something teens can certainly identify with.  Together, we help each other pursue Christ and stay plugged in – God created us to need community and fellowship, it’s a vital part of our walk.

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