The Three

Friday night was a lot of fun!  We’re trying out a new event through the end of the year for middle school kids; I’ll admit it, I got the idea from Kurt Johnston (he gave me permission to rip it off!).  The premise is pretty simple; it’s called The Three because it’s the third Friday of the month, $3 to get in, and lasts for three hours.  A good part of the night was just letting the kids go nuts – we have a great gym, a youth room full of video games, pool tables, and more, and a fun lounge so it was great to just let it be used for fun.  The other half of the night we spent playing glow in the dark hockey and couch games in the loft!  Would you believe not one person got hurt running, screaming, and slamming hockey sticks in the dark?  I’m still recovering from the shock!

Ultimately, the purpose of the night was fun and building relationships (fellowship).  Our middle schoolers spend every Sunday morning and Wednesday night in programs focused more on learning and discipleship, so it was good to have a night specifically for fun!  Kids need it!  It was also great because as leaders we got to hang out with kids, play video games, chill in the lounge and play in the gym together.  It was also great to get to know some of the parents more!  One of my goals for the night was to NOT create another event where my regular volunteers were expected to come out and man it – they already do a LOT for the students!  So not only did I get to have fun with students, I also got to know some of the parents more who came and helped chaperon!

My one regret of the night?  I had bought some Cheeseburger flavored Doritos.  Those things are bizarre.  Seriously.  We were all grossed out by them, yet couldn’t stop ourselves from having more … the horror of it all!

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